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Need help using the library? Request an appointment at a library near you!

✔ We can help in these areas

  • Using library resources
    • Catalog
    • eBooks, audiobooks, movies, and music
    • eResources
  • Discovering books and authors new to you
  • Finding information for your research
  • Learning to use technology
    • Starting an email account
    • Searching the internet
    • Installing library apps on your device

Try these computer basics resources if you'd like to start learning right away.

X We are not able to help in these areas

However, we may be able to help you find someone who can:

  • Technology installations, setup, maintenance, or support for non-library services
  • Medical, legal, financial, or business advice or opinions
  • Tutoring
  • Translation or language interpretation
  • Typing or data entry
  • Editing or proofreading
  • Data collection or analysis
  • Assistance involving credit card transactions
  • Posting online ads

If you're not sure if we can help, please ask!

Book A Librarian meetings typically last about 45 minutes. Request an appointment below, or ask a staff member to request one for you.

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