A message from our Administrative Team

We stand against racism.

Like many of you, we are horrified when we learn of the senseless deaths of so many Black Americans. For too long, we have stood by and watched without saying anything because, as a neutral institution in the community, we felt it wasn’t our place to speak out. That time is over. We believe that Black Americans and other people of color are disproportionately impacted by systemic bias. It needs to end.

The mission of Fort Vancouver Regional Library District is to strengthen our communities through knowledge, experience, and creativity. Libraries are viewed as places where all individuals may explore their interests freely in privacy, without fear that others will question or judge their access to that information. We acknowledge that we have blind spots when it comes to being able to serve all people. We know that some may be less well served, or not served at all, due to barriers of language, materials of interest, or the lack of anyone that looks like them working behind the desk.

We commit to doing our part to improve racial equity at FVRL by striving to ensure:

  • Our external policies and internal practices mirror our values and beliefs;
  • Our collections, programs and resources represent the races and cultures in our communities; and
  • We make a conscious effort to ensure that everyone feels welcome and valued at the library.

We hope that you will hold us accountable by asking questions and making recommendations when you see a need for change. We value and appreciate all voices in this process.

FVRL Administrative team and Community Library Managers