Mission & Policies


Fort Vancouver Regional Library District provides gateways to ideas, information and community interaction.
(Adopted by Fort Vancouver Regional Library District Board of Trustees May 9, 2005.)

Values & Principles

Fort Vancouver Regional Library District provides a lifelong learning resource, outside the formal education system, that enables each individual to acquire or to adapt the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in self-government; be productive; elevate economic stature; enhance humanity; and contribute to enjoyment of life. To support this commitment, Fort Vancouver Regional Library District:

  1. Serves its constituents as an excellent and unbiased source of information
  2. Fosters individual choice through a wide variety of materials and programs
  3. As a public forum, provides a venue for the exchange of ideas
  4. Welcomes all members of its communities to use library resources, regardless of any person's age, education, ethnicity, language, income, or physical limitation
  5. Operates as a unified district with centralized management and support services offering equitable service throughout the district by maximizing access to materials, services, and information
  6. Recognizes that each library is an interdependent part of the district and follows district policies and procedures, while also being an integral and relevant part of its community
  7. Seeks appropriate partnerships to help meet community and district needs
  8. Operates efficiently within budget and maintains adequate reserves
  9. Recognizes that well-qualified and well-trained staff is essential to providing high-quality, professional library service and accomplishing the district's mission
  10. Maintains current, appropriate policies

(Adopted by Fort Vancouver Regional Library District Board of Trustees Sept. 14, 2009.)