Goldendale Community Library

Goldendale Community Library remodel is currently in planning stages.
Monday - Saturday10am—6:30pm

131 West Burgen Street
Goldendale, WA 98620

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Meeting Rooms & Amenities

The library has the Camplan Room & Art Gallery available for your group's use, when it is not reserved for use by the library. To see room specifications, amenities, guidelines for use, or request a reservation, please visit our online form. If you have a program you wish to present in partnership with the library, please use our program proposal form.


  • Hop on our free Wi-Fi with your personal device for unlimited internet use in the library.
  • Sign in with your library card or guest pass to use a computer with full (filtered) internet access as well as Microsoft Office software. You may print or save to your own USB drive. (Computer use subject to computer availability.)
  • Check out a laptop for a couple of hours of internet or Microsoft Office use. You may save to your own USB drive or print wirelessly. (Availability and time limits apply.)
  • View 35mm or 16 mm microfilm or microfiche on our readers. Printing is available.
  • Print from library computers in black and white or in color, if you are a library cardholder.
    • Send your print job to the copier/printer, go there to release the job and/or pay—all in one place!
    • Print or copy three free black & white pages per day. Further black & white pages are 10¢ each.
    • Print or copy in color for 50¢ per page.
    • Remote or wireless printing is available.
  • Scan full-color documents to a USB drive, single or double-sided pages.


  • Book a Librarian for individual help with library resources and technology.
  • Get an exam proctored for free. See our proctoring page for details.
  • Let us come to you on the Bookmobile. Check the schedule for a stop near you.
  • Return library materials at a convenient book drop in Klickitat, Lyle or Alderdale.