Front of Yale School
Front of Yale School

Yale Library Express

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Yale Elementary School
11842 Lewis River Road
Ariel, WA 98603

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Jennifer Hauan

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2017 Service statistics

Circulation: 2,599
Visitors: 1,191
Programs offered: 1
Program attendance: 65
Reference questions: 195


2003: In May, citizens in the Yale precinct of Cowlitz County successfully voted to form a partial-county, rural library district. Yale Valley Library District contracts with Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries for services, which included bookmobile visits until the Clark County bookmobile was retired in June 2012.

2012: Weekly, limited library services at Yale Library Express, located at Yale Elementary School, were established in August.

2018: Ground was broken for a new, permanent library building. Find out more by clicking the Yale Valley Library District button below.

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