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Gale Virtual Reference Library

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Search full-text reference books on a variety of topics or read entire travel guidebooks without leaving your computer.

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Access Washington

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Locate Washington state government information and services with links to all state agencies with communities information. (Site is available in Spanish, Russian, and more.

Use the menu in the upper right to translate.)

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Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

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Explore age-appropriate information about the U.S. Government. Learn basic information about the way the government works, how it began, and how citizens can participate.

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Tip: find federal government information

To access websites and information from federal government offices or branches, search by name, eg.

copyright office, white house, congress, supreme court, department of agriculture, etc.

Tip: find local government information

To find your state or local government offices, codes, elections and more, use's link to Government Agencies and Elected Officials to drill down to the state, county, or city website.