Solicitation and Community Collections Policy

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Libraries serve as community gathering places and are often identified as a place where community groups, businesses, and organizations can connect with users. Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries (FVRL) seek to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. In ensuring that there will be a welcoming atmosphere, FVRL limits the activities of fundraising, sales, and community collections to the following instances.

Collection of goods for charities

Library locations may be asked to serve as collection points for other community organizations to collect donated goods. Due to space considerations and the increased workload such campaigns put upon staff, FVRL reserves the right to decline such requests. All requests for the library to serve as a collection point for community drives must be approved by the Branch Manager. Blood drives are considered collections of donated goods under this policy.

Approval of a collection point does not constitute or imply FVRL endorsement of the organization. The Library is not responsible for any contents if removed or damaged while on premises. The Library only provides a space for collection and will not secure offerings.

Sales, monetary donations, and other types of collection

FVRL prohibits all types of solicitation including leafleting, promotion, vending, peddling, panhandling or product sampling on library property. Exceptions are activities related to the Library Foundation, Friends of the Library, or events or partnerships that are pre-approved by FVRL’s Administration that are in alignment with the District’s mission.


Approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees: March 18, 2019