Test of New Catalog Features

Update April 28, 2022: After evaluating our trial of Yewno, we've decided not to keep this service moving forward. We'll be removing it from the catalog later today.

March, 2022: We're trying out a new add-on to our catalog through the end of March. It's called Yewno (pronounced "you know"), and here's what you'll see:

  • The search bar is bigger.
  • When typing a search term, if you pause, a drop-down will appear with disambiguation* terms to help structure your search. (You can ignore this, or even just hit "enter" before the drop-down loads.) 
  • After the first search, an optional user survey will pop up, allowing our catalog provider to gather data to improve the product. This should only appear once on a personal PC unless it's rebooted or the cookies are cleared. On our library computers, it will likely appear each time a new person uses the machine.
  • If you look to the right of the results, you'll see a "related topics" map that allows you to alter your search to focus on a related term.
  • If your search brings up no results in the tab in which you're searching, the featured section will display links with the number of results in other tabs, so you can see where to find information.

*An example of disambiguation would be typing in "climate change" and seeing the following possible categories from which you can choose, each accompanied by a brief description:

  • climate change
  • climate change denial
  • climate change mitigation
  • scientific opinion on climate change
  • climate model
  • individual and political action on climate change
  • etc.