Website Update

If you think the website looks different, you're right!

Why the update?

Our software was nearing end-of-life, so we had to rebuild our site. (Not our catalog - just Since we had the opportunity, we also made a few improvements!

New features

  • Easy-to-find “Locations” and “Contact Us” links: Now at the top of every page.
  • A simplified search box: Only two options: “Catalog” or “Site & FAQs.” No need to search separately for FAQs!
  • A new “Check it Out” section in the main menu: Look under “Research, Learn, Do.”
  • Blogs! Book columns, Directors' updates, and news. Find them under "About Us."
  • Calendar listings: Now on all branch pages.
  • Newly designed “Locations & Hours” and “Contact Us” pages.

Some tech stuff

  • The main menu works when you hover, not click, on desktop or laptop computers. (On mobile devices, tap as usual.)
  • All links open in the same tab, for improved accessibility. If you want to open a link in a different tab, just right-click the link and use one of the options listed, or tap with two fingers on mobile devices.
  • We updated our content management system from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9.

Questions? Comments?

Let us know if you have feedback!