Check it Out: Mountains Rock!

Submitted by J. Johnston on Wed, 12/14/2022 - 07:30

International Mountain Day takes place on December 11. The world has some spectacular peaks, but right here in the Pacific Northwest, we can claim quite a few majestic elevations of our own.

Whenever I am out and about, I get a thrill spotting one of our local mountains. I didn’t grow up in particularly flat regions—and I was used to seeing mountains wherever we lived—but the mountains of Washington and Oregon are in a category of their own. And I love that, on clear days, Mount Hood and/or Mount Saint Helens greet me as I make my way home.

The hills are definitely alive around the world, and I think paying tribute to Earth’s rocky giants through the magic of books is an excellent way to spend some quality reading time. The library has a wide range of mountain-themed reads, so be sure to mount an expedition through the collection. I’ve included a couple of children’s books on today’s reading list, so I hope that all ages can find something to “peak” their interest.

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