Check it Out: Mutt Love

Submitted by J. Johnston on Wed, 08/03/2022 - 07:00

Here is a question for “Check It Out” followers: has the world gone barking mad? I ask this because, let’s face it, life is pretty ruff right now. OK, hold the bone. Has this librarian left her doggone mind? Don’t I mean “rough” instead of “ruff”? Not today, dear readers, so just sit and stay with me. I beg of you.

If you’ve picked up a doggie vibe, congratulations—you’re on point for National Mutt Day! Celebrated twice a year in July and December, National Mutt Day reminds us to embrace and save the adorable and lovable mixed breeds of man’s best friend.

Nothing against purebred pups, but mutts are some of the best pets for families. Here’s the bad news: shelters are mutt-full. But here’s the good news: adopting a mutt from a shelter or animal rescue organization is guaranteed to make you go from barking mad to mad for barkers. What a treat!

In honor of these lovable hounds, I encourage you to check out pooch-themed books from the public library. All of today’s suggestions are recently published and just waiting to be adopted, er, checked out by friendly readers. Wowsers to bowsers!

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