Check it Out: National Bird Feeding Month

Submitted by J. Johnston on Wed, 02/01/2023 - 07:30

Did you know that, among other things, February is National Bird Feeding Month? What a month—full of love, groundhogs, presidents, and birds. That’s something to tweet about!

I have been surprised at the number of robins visiting our yard this winter. I’m used to seeing a few robins here and there before spring arrives, but this year it feels like more robins are camping out in my neighborhood. Another recent surprise involved a kinglet. I heard a noise at one of my windows—that dreaded bird-hit-the-window sound—and hanging from the screen was a kinglet. As a bird mom, I immediately wanted to help, but the kinglet, stunned and disoriented, hung upside down for a moment, then flapped his wings and made a quick recovery flight to a nearby tree. No trips to the bird hospital required, and, by the way, nature is awesome.

I’ve shared bird-themed reading lists before—and I’m doing it again. Our feathered friends are amazing creatures filled with mysteries still to be discovered. If you’re a bird fan, wing your way to the library’s catalog and fill up your book nest with a flock of avian reads.

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