Space is the place

Submitted by S. Wallin on Fri, 11/04/2022 - 10:54

When I was first considering making a career as a librarian, I had a variety of dream job scenarios in mind, most of which have evolved as I’ve gained experience in the field. However, one dream remains mostly unchanged, which would involve being a librarian on a Lunar or Martian colony. Dangerous? Probably. But I can’t imagine a place in the solar system where people would have a greater need for access to good information than a space colony. While I wait for those colonies to get started, I’ll keep working here on Earth and watching all the new and interesting developments in space travel. How far have we come, and what might be next? Well, of course there are some great new books for that: 

True stories are great, but if you're in the mood for fiction, here are some new stories about space colonization that might give you the diversion you need.

  • Goliath, by Tochi Onyebuchi—in which those with the means to do so leave Earth for space colonies, and everyone else has to do their best to get by. 
  • The House of Styx, by Derek Künsken explores a future in which the skies of Venus have been colonized.
  • Red Moon, by Kim Stanely Robinson. The lives of three strangers collide during a visit to China’s 25-year-old moon colony.
  • The Eagle has landed : 50 years of lunar science fiction, edited by Neil Clarke, gathers new and classic science fiction short stories about the moon.

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A version of this column first appeared in The Messenger, November 2022.

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