A Pick Up NOW button has started showing on my holds list in the app. What's it do?

Pick Up NOW allows you to arrange for curbside pickup of your holds. You can use it in the FVRL app, or you can use it in a browser at librarycollect.com/fvrl.

Here's how it works in the app:

  1. Go to My Account and tap Holds.
  2. You'll see a "PIck Up NOW" button at the top of the holds display when there are holds available for any of the cards in your app. You can scroll down the list of holds to find out which are "BEING_HELD."
  3. Tap the "Pick Up NOW" button when you're ready to come to the library.
  4. Fill in the "About You" section with information to help us prepare for your arrival.
  5. Tap "I'm on my way."
  6. If you give us some idea of when you'll get there, even better! That will help us get your items into your hands with less waiting at the building.
  7. Tap "I'm here" when you get to the library, then keep your app open in case we have questions.
  8. If you need to communicate with us, use the message box.
  9. After your checkouts have been delivered, tap "I have my items."

That's it! Want to learn more about our curbside service? Read all about it on our Library Services page!