Hobbies & Recreation

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Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center


Search magazines, books, videos and reports for projects and information. Find detailed "how-to" instructions and creative ideas.

Subject areas include arts & crafts, collecting, games & electronics, model building, home & leisure, needlework, outdoors & nature, and scrapbooking & paper crafts.

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Home Improvement Reference Center


Find articles and instructions for projects in the areas of outdoor, electrical, remodeling, plumbing, woodworking, decorating, and maintenance.

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Price It!


Identify, research, and find pricing for art, antiques, and collectibles. Includes more than 10 million images to assist in searching.

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Farm Finder: Washington-Oregon

Locate local farms, crops, or links to farmers markets and recipes. Search by different criteria including "Certified Organic". Hosted by WSU.

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Read, plan, make, and share creative projects with other makers.

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Tip: find local recreation or senior centers

To find community centers or senior centers in your area, try searching a search engine for your city, county, or region +"community center" or "senior center" or "parks and recreation," eg.

Ridgefield +"community center" or Vancouver +parks and recreation.

Tip: find travel info

To find travel information about particular destinations, try searching a search engine for "visitor information" or "travel information" +the name of the area, eg.

"travel information" +Thailand.