2024 Key Performance Indicators

As a publicly funded institution, FVRLibraries exists to serve our public. We use statistical data to track activity, ensure our users' needs are met, and help visualize future plans and improvements. In an effort to be transparent about this data, we offer up the following quarterly snapshots. See how FVRLibraries worked for you in the first quarter of 2024!


Total checkouts for Q1 were 808,338

Physical: 410,058 (51%)

Digital: 393,280 (49%)

Network Use

Total network users for Q1 were 148,313

Via Wi-Fi: 112,950 (76.2%)

On Computer: 35,363 (23.8%)

Web Visitors

Total pageviews in Q1 were 2,215,659

Website views: 504,855 (22.8%)

Catalog views: 1,710,804 (77.2%)

App views: 48,396 (2.5%)


We offered 1,228 programs in Q1, with 23,178 attendees

Onsite: 1019, with 21,358 attendees

Offsite: 59, with 469 attendees

Virtual: 150, with 1,351 attendees

Questions Answered

Staff answered 8,255 questions in a typical week in Q1, via these three pathways:

In person

By telephone