Photo & Video Guidelines

For personal use

FVRL welcomes personal, non-commercial photography, filming, and creation of videos in our facilities and at library events as long as it doesn’t interfere with other library patrons. Here are our guidelines:

  • Respect the wishes of others: Ask permission if your photos or videos will include other people, and be respectful if they say no.
  • Minimize disruption: Be aware of how lights or noise could be a problem. If you have large equipment, please get an okay from library management beforehand.
  • Be aware of traffic flow: Please don’t block stairwells, exits, or access to library resources. Respect staff member instructions.
  • As always when in a library facility, please follow FVRL’s Rules of Conduct and all staff instructions. Staff may ask photographers to stop filming if the guidelines above are not followed.

By FVRL staff

FVRL staff may occasionally take photographs in the library’s public spaces and at programs for use in print and electronic publications (including social media). If you prefer not to be photographed, please let the photographer know.

Other purposes

For journalism

If you are a journalist, we appreciate notification before you film or take photos. Please contact We encourage you to check with staff before beginning and leave us a business card before you go.

For nonprofit or commercial use

If you are taking photos or filming for your nonprofit business or commercial (non-news-related) purposes, you need to get permission at least seven business days in advance. Email, including the following information:

  • Name and description of the organization or individual making the request
  • Project description, including the context and way in which the library is to be portrayed and the intended use of the resulting material
  • Provisions for how the library and district will be credited
  • Date(s) requested
  • Time and duration of proposed shoot
  • Number of people and amount and type of equipment involved, including vehicles
  • Potential disruption (sound, light, physical, etc.) of library activities
  • Proof of adequate insurance coverage and a signed indemnification agreement
  • Location releases, if necessary—to be submitted for review by the library in advance

Please note: There may be rental fees based on project scope and location.