Public Liability Policy

An action or proceeding for damages may be brought against any past or present trustee, employee or agent of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District (Library) arising from acts or omissions while performing or in good faith purporting to perform his or her official duties. Such trustee, employee or agent may request, in writing, to the Library Trustees (Trustees) to authorize the defense of the action or proceeding at the expense of the Library. If the Trustees find that the acts or omissions of the trustee, employee or agent were, or, in good faith purported to be, within the scope of his or her official duties, the request to defend at the expense of the Library shall be granted. If the request is granted, the necessary expenses of defending the action or proceeding shall be paid by the Library. Any monetary judgment against the trustee, employee or agent shall be paid on approval of the Trustees.

Any trustee, employee or agent for whom the Library provides legal defense shall cooperate fully with the Library and its counsel in handling or resisting the action or proceeding, as a condition for the protection afforded under this policy. The Library and/or the insurance company reserves the right to appoint legal counsel, control the defense of the action or proceeding, and to compromise, settle or defend the matter.

Nothing contained in this policy shall be construed to modify or amend any provision of any policy of insurance insuring any Library trustee, employee or agent. In the event of any conflict between this policy and the provisions of any such policy of insurance, the insurance policy provisions shall be controlling.

Board Approved:
Original Policy June 2, 1986
Policy name revised to “Indemnification Statement” for easier indexing, 2/10/03 (formerly titled Indemnification of Individual Trustees, Management and Staff Personnel from Public Liability)
Revised: May 12, 2003 (and renamed Public Liability)
Amended: September 13, 2010