OverDrive (Libby App)

Borrow eBooks and audiobooks to read on the device of your choice. (Note: Are you getting a security message or having problems? Read our FAQ!) Check out up to ten titles at a time for up to 21 days. Ver títulos disponibles en español.

Get started reading on:

• iOS or Android: Download the Libby app below.
• Kindle: Try one of these options.
• Other eReaders: Follow instructions for using Fire, NOOK, or Kobo tablets.
• Windows 7 or Mac computer: Follow OverDrive’s instructions.
• Windows 8 computer: Follow OverDrive’s instructions.
• Chromebooks: You have a couple of options.
• On any device with a Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge browser: Read or listen at libbyapp.com (streaming only, no downloads)

If you use the OverDrive App for Android or iOS, you'll need to transition to the Libby App or other alternative by the end of 2022.

Need more help? Check out accessibility options. Try Libby Help, see our Tech Help FAQs or Contact us.


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