Tax Help


You may obtain any IRS publications by using the resource links on this page or contacting the IRS at 800-829-3676. Oregon forms can be obtained through the link on this page or by calling 503-378-4988.


AARP Tax-Aide will be all virtual in 2021. We won't be having any in-person appointments at the library.

Q & A from AARP Tax-Aide

How will a virtual tax service work?
You will make an appointment on the website or by telephone. Before your appointment, you will need to complete some forms and scan your documents. Then you'll email them to a secure email address. Your appointment will be a phone call or video meeting with an AARP volunteer.
When can I make an appointment?
Plans are being revised due to the IRS postponing the start of tax season until February 12.  Updated information will be posted on this webpage as it becomes available. The appointment system probably won’t be available until late January or early February. AARP tax help volunteers will start preparing returns in February.
What happens after I email my documents?
At your appointment time, you will be contacted by a tax preparer by phone, who will interview you, just like they did before. They will discuss your tax situation, and make sure you sent everything in.
But how will I get my tax return?
After the return is completed and reviewed, your return will be emailed to you. The tax preparer will call and review the return with you. Once you’re satisfied with the return, you will need to print, sign, scan and return a form to authorize Tax-Aide to e-file your return. Tax-Aide will then e-file your return.
Can I just stop in with my documents and have my return prepared?
No, sorry. This year it is totally by appointment. This is to ensure we all maintain social distancing and help slow the spread of COVID.
But I don’t have a scanner. Is there any other way I can submit my documents before my appointment?
AARP is working to find ways for you to scan documents. You can also check with family and friends to see if they have a scanner they can help you use. Many printers have scanners built into them. In addition, most cell phones and tablets have built-in cameras that could act as document scanners, and there are even apps that let you save photos as PDF documents.
What happens to the documents sent to Tax-Aide?
These will be deleted by Tax-Aide within 48 hours of filing your return.
I don’t have a printer. How can I print any required forms?
Try the library's printing service.