Kanopy switching from credits to ticket system on November 1

What is changing?

Kanopy is changing from play credits to a new ticket system on November 1. FVRLibraries' users will see their 20 credits change to 40 tickets per month on that day. Every video will be labeled with a ticket value and viewing window, so Kanopy users will know how many tickets a video will use prior to viewing it.

How this will impact various types of viewing 

  • Series: The viewing period for titles in a series will be based on total running time per season. This will extend the viewing period for over 75% of series, including those from the BBC.
  • The Great Courses: Will be included in the ticket system and will work the same way series do. The majority of The Great Courses will require five tickets per course, with a viewing period of up to 21 days.
  • Kanopy Kids: Kanopy Kids will continue to be its own section on Kanopy and will not be included in the ticket system.

Videos with a runtime of under 30 minutes will only use one ticket.

Ticket-free content will be labeled as zero tickets.

Where will users see updates?

Once these changes are live, users will see a pop-up on the library’s Kanopy website and in the app that explains the new ticket system. Next to the play button, users will see how many tickets a video will require and how long they will have access to it. Episodic content (i.e., series) will be clearly labeled, so users know they are getting an entire season for the ticket value.