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Mango Languages

Prepare yourself for realistic conversations in over 70 world languages, including English. The are also specialty units on Latin American Spanish for contexts including business, legal, medical, text talk, and more. Create a free account and learn at your own pace.

Getting started with Mango Languages (YouTube tutorial) | Empezando con Mango Languages (Tutorial de YouTube)

Have questions? Search the Mango Help Center

¿Tiene preguntas? Busque el Centro de Ayuda de Mango

Conversation Circles at FVRL

Join other language learners and volunteers to practice speaking in a warm, friendly environment. We have groups for speaking English, Spanish, and ASL. Groups meet to practice at several locations throughout the district, and some locations provide activities for children.

Círculos de conversación en ingles

Únase a otros estudiantes de idiomas y voluntarios para practicar la conversación en un ambiente cálido y amigable. Los grupos se reúnen para practicar en varios lugares del distrito, y algunos lugares ofrecen actividades gratuitas para los niños. También tenemos un grupo para hablar ASL.

Web Resources


Set up an account in your preferred language, then start learning a new one, whether you speak English and want to learn Swedish, or your first language is Spanish and you want to learn English. (Translate the site into your first language using the menu in the upper right.)

duoLingo en español

Cree una cuenta y comience a aprender un nuevo idioma: inglés, francés, italiano, portugués, alemán, ruso, catalán, guaraní, esperanto o sueco.

American Sign Language University

 Find information and resources to help you learn ASL and improve your signing.