Books by Mail

FVRLibraries provides books by mail at no charge for library cardholders who meet our eligibility requirements.

Who's eligible?

You may qualify if your mailing address is within library district boundaries and:

  • You have mobility issues that make it difficult for you to travel to a library to pick up books, and there is no one else who can pick up books for you, OR
  • Your driving distance from the nearest library is more than 10 miles.

How to apply

For information or to request approval, please email booksbymail[at], or call 360-906-5000, 1-888-546-2707 (from area code 509), or 1-800-921-6211 (from Yale Valley).

Books by Mail Application (PDF) 

Once you're approved

  • Place a hold in the catalog.
  • Select "Books by Mail" as your pick-up location.
  • We'll mail the materials* to you at no charge. Return postage is included. 

*Unfortunately, we are unable to ship these items: board games, Grow a Reader bags, Check Out Washington backpacks, and book discussion kits.