Teen 5-Minute Film Festival

Teen 5-Minute Film Festival

We're having a festival of teen-created films! Submissions will be accepted June 15 - August 15, 2024. A film premiere will be held September 20, 2024 at 6 pm at Cascade Park Community Library and online.

Guidelines for filmmakers

Who can participate?
  • All films must be written, directed, and edited by persons in or entering grades 6–12 AND 19 years of age or younger. 
  • All films must be teen-produced, and may be either a group project or individual work. However, teens cannot submit multiple entries as writer, director, or editor. 
  • Adult guidance and instruction are allowed, except in the roles of writing, directing, and editing. However, adults are permitted to act in films. 
  • All participants and contributors under 18 must have parent/guardian permission.
Requirements for film contents
  • Films should be around 3–7 minutes in length, including credits. 
  • Films must be G- or PG-rated in language and subject matter or they will be disqualified. 
  • Films will be previewed for content. 
  • Title pages and credits should be included in each entry but should be no longer than 1 minute of the film's entirety. 
  • Bloopers are not permitted unless relevant to the film's plot. Filmmakers are solely responsible for their film production.
  •  Filmmakers are responsible for obtaining permission from copyright and trademark owners for the use of sound or video clips as well as use of trademarked characters. Entries that include these elements without permission will be disqualified. 
  • Filmmakers must obtain permission to use copyrighted music in their films. Teens can also use their own original music or copyright-free, public domain, trade-friendly or Creative Commons licensed music.
After submission
  • FVRLibaries is under no obligation to use or exhibit the submitted film(s) in any manner. 
  • FVRLibraries retains the right to accept or decline any entry, for whatever reason, without notice or explanation. 
  • Library staff and the teen council will preview the films for content prior to debut at the festival. However, final judging and awards will be up to the audience.

Submission Form

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If you are under 18, you must provide contact information for your parent or guardian.

Please include all people who appear on screen and any other  contributors. If they're under 18, you must include their parent/guardian's name and email or phone number.
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Your entry in this festival grants FVRLibraries permission to compile and publish your video on its webpage, social media, and YouTube Channels.