Print, Copy, Scan, or Fax

Print from a library computer

  • Send your print job to the printer/copier from a library internet computer.
  • Attached to the printer/copier is a release station. Scan in your library card or use the provided stylus to enter your card number.
  • This logs you into the printer and allows you to "release" your print jobs.
  • All printing or copying must be done on the library's paper.

Print wireless/remotely from your device

Print almost any document or web page from your internet-connected device (e.g. your home computer or a wireless device) on one of our library printers. No additional software is required, but the ePRINTit app is available for Apple iOS or Android.

  • Before you start: Anyone can use this service, but if you are a library card-holder you receive $3.00 printing credit each week when using your library card. To get your free prints, log into any of our branches' internet computers first (you need to do this just once). This will register your library card with the printing system.
  • How to print:
    1. Select the "Send print job to ePRINTit" button above.
    2. Choose the file you wish to print and upload it. If you’re printing from the web, email, or password-protected sites, you may use the app, or find instructions here.
    3. On the expanded form, verify the details. Pay special attention to color vs. black & white, as well as page range and number of copies if you’re managing costs. Note the estimated cost.
    4. Enter your name or library card number. You MUST enter a card number if you wish to enjoy any free pages offered to card-holders. Adding an email or phone number is also a great idea.
    5. Choose “Submit.”
    6. Within 24 hours, go to the print release/payment kiosk at any FVRL library and use your library card number (or user name) to print out your files.
  • Need more help? Check out the FAQ: How do I use remote or wireless printing?


  • Deposit money, or enter your card number by scanning in your library card or using the provided stylus.
  • The printer/copier should then be ready to use.


On library photocopiers, you can scan to your USB drive in B&W or color for free.

  1. Place the paper(s) to be scanned in the document feeder (face-up), or on the glass (facedown).
  2. Plug the USB drive into the port at the front of the copier. The touchscreen will say “External memory device (USB) is connected.”
  3. On the copier touchscreen, tap “Scan to external memory device.”
  4. To scan with default options, tap Black & White Start or Color Start. The screen will say “scanning original,” and then “processing data.” For advanced options on your scan (like adding a filename), tap “Details”, then tap “Yes” to exit Easy Scan mode. Set your options, then tap Start.
  5. If you have additional pages to scan, place the pages and tap Start again.
  6. After scanning your last page, tap "Read-End."
  7. Unplug the USB when the touchscreen message changes from "sending data" to "sending complete.”
  8. Remove your document from the feeder or glass.

Flatbed scanner

Use our professional flatbed scanners at Goldendale or Ridgefield Community Libraries to scan any photo or document up to 12"x17" at no charge. We also have negative and slide inserts so you can scan any transparent item. Please bring a USB thumb drive to store your digital files. The scanners are available Monday through Friday by appointment. Please call Goldendale Community Library at 360-906-5000 or Ridgefield Community Library at 360-906-4772 to reserve a time slot.

If you need assistance printing, copying, or scanning, please ask. We're here to help!


Many FVRLibraries locations have fax machines*. Sending a fax is free. To locate a fax machine during your visit or get assistance using it, please ask staff. To send a fax, please follow these steps:

  1. Press the power button to turn on the fax machine
  2. Place your document, text facing up, in the feeder (or an item on the glass, facing down)
  3. On the touchscreen, tap the Fax icon and the To: box
  4. Using the touchscreen or buttons, type in the fax number (if using the glass, follow the screen prompts to finish scanning)
  5. Tap Send on the touchscreen or press the green triangle button
  6. Wait for the confirmation sheet to print and check the Status field for “OK”
  7. Confirm with your receiver that they have received and can read the fax

*Please note: North Bonneville, Stevenson, White Salmon Valley, Yacolt, and Yale Valley do not yet have fax machines for public use.