Book Beat: May Flowers

Submitted by J. Alder on

For me, it’s spring when annuals start showing up at the store. I know logically that it’s still February and there’s a lot of cold weather and rain left, and maybe even a little snow. But, in my heart, it is now spring. Whether that is a coping mechanism for the long gloomy months we have in the Pacific Northwest or some eternal optimism, I don’t know. But, when those primroses show up, I’m ready to plant and get out my sandals. I keep telling myself it’s spring, but I know we aren’t done with frost, so my rational self takes over and I wait until May to plant the flowers. In the meantime, I enjoy the daffodils we have in abundance in our yard and some years, I snap photos of them in the snow. That’s a good reminder that there’s my spring and then there’s real spring. But now it’s May and flowers are fair game. So, whether you want to identify them, grow them, or paint them, here are some books at the library to help.

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