Check it Out: Perchance to Dream

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Do you know someone who says they never remember their dreams? I do, and it surprises me because I am just the opposite. Many of my dreams stay with me after I wake up. So many, in fact, that I kept a dream journal during my teens. To this day, when I re-read those entries, it’s like watching a television in my head, or in this case, a tele-dream-vision. I’m not sure why my brain lets me remember so many dreams, but there you have it. 

Do dreams have meanings? Many believe they do, and plenty of books about dreams and dream interpretation have been written. Today’s reading list includes the history and science of dreams, dream interpretation, and something called lucid dreaming (when you know that you’re dreaming while you’re asleep). 

Dear readers, may you have deep sleep and peaceful dreams.

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