How can I find more books like the ones I already enjoy or need?

Want to find books similar to ones you like, or find more titles on a specific subject? Here are several ways.

Use the catalog

  1. Starting from the library catalog, search for a title, author, or topic of interest, and refine your search results as necessary.
  2. Scan the list of results and click on the title of one that seems like what you're looking for.
  3. Look over the description and subject terms to see if the title sounds like what you want. If so, you have two options:
    • Click on a subject term link to do a new search and get a new list of titles on your chosen topic. Note: this works well for nonfiction topics. Scan the new list of titles, based on the subject search, to find additional titles of interest to you.
    • OR (for print-format books only), click on Reviews, Read-alikes, & Series Info from NoveList to see similar genre, style, or series. Note: this works well for fiction titles. Review the suggested books & authors. Hover over or click Why this match? to see how they are alike. Click on links to see more information, suggestions, or item details in the catalog.

Use NoveList Plus

  • Try our NoveList Plus online resource to search, browse, or combine appeals to find something you might also enjoy, then click the links to our catalog to see if we own copies and in which format(s).
  • Use NoveList's Read-alike feature—search for a book or author, and see if it has "Title Read-Alikes" or "Author Read-alikes."

Get personalized reading suggestions

Fill out our Personalized Reading Suggestions form and tell us about books and authors you enjoy and what appeals to you about them. Within a few days, we'll email you a list of three to five reading suggestions chosen just for you.