FVRL Operations Center front
FVRL Operations Center front

FVRL Operations Center


1007 E Mill Plain Blvd
Vancouver WA 98663

  • 360-906-5000
  • 888-546-2707 (from area code 509)
  • 800-921-6211 (from the Yale Valley)

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  • Please note: The Operations Center does not include a library branch. The nearest branch is Vancouver Community Library a few blocks away.
  • District Administration: Come to the main (upper) entrance if you have business with FVRL.
  • Volunteer Services: Attend volunteer orientation, return paperwork, or meet with our volunteer coordinator on our main (upper) floor. Volunteers may be placed at one of our branches or at the Operations Center.
  • Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation: Sharing the building with FVRL, the Foundation has its offices and used book store (the Book-tique) on the main (upper) floor.
  • Book return: Return FVRL library materials in the book return in the west parking lot.

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+ Building history

The Operations Center is housed in the building constructed in 1963 to house Vancouver Community Library. When the new Vancouver Community Library opened a few blocks away in 2011, the district support operations were consolidated into the whole building. They previously had been split between the library's basement and two other annex locations in Vancouver.