Yacolt Library Express

Monday - Thursday9am—8pm
Friday - Saturday10am—6pm

Old Yacolt Town Hall
105 E Yacolt Road
Yacolt, WA 98675

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Meeting Rooms & Amenities

This is an express library with no meeting room, but we do offer them at other locations. See our list of public meeting rooms. If you have a program you wish to present in partnership with the library, please use our program proposal form.

Staffed Hours Only

Use the laptop lab to access the internet and Microsoft Office software. You may save to your own USB device. (Availability and time limits may apply.)


  • Enter the building by scanning your library card.
  • Hop on our free Wi-Fi with your personal device for unlimited internet use in the library.
  • Sign in with your library card or guest pass to use a computer with full (filtered) internet access as well as Microsoft Office software. You may print or save to your own USB drive. (Computer use subject to computer availability.)
  • Charge your device with USB and electical charging ports at the laptop bar in the lobby.
  • Print from library computers in black and white or in color, if you are a library cardholder.
    • Send your print job to the copier/printer, go there to release the job and/or pay—all in one place!
    • Print or copy three free black & white pages per day. Further black & white pages are 10¢ each.
    • Print or copy in color for 50¢ per page.
    • Remote or wireless printing is available.
  • Scan full-color documents to a USB drive, single or double-sided pages.


  • Pick up holds
  • Return & check out books
  • Call library information for assistance.