Gifts and Recognition Policy

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Fort Vancouver Regional Library District (FVRL) welcomes the support of individuals, families, corporations, and charitable organizations in supporting the libraries’ mission. The Gift and Recognition Policy describes the scope of donations accepted, defines the roles and responsibilities for accepting donations made to FVRL and outlines the parameters for naming rights associated with specific gifts.


  • Donations are welcomed and valued expressions of individual support for FVRL and its mission.
  • Donations enhance the library's services and programs.
  • Financial donations enrich FVRL but do not replace public tax support.
  • Planned gifts contribute to the legacy and sustain the mission of FVRL.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Library Board of Trustees (Library Board) will acknowledge significant donations with an additional expression of appreciation to the donor. FVRL does not accept donations that are not outright gifts.

Scope and Disposition of Donations Received

  • Donors are encouraged to make financial contributions to the Fort Vancouver Regional Library Foundation (Library Foundation) or the Friends of the Library group at their local branch. Tax-deductible donations can also be made directly to FVRL.
  • The Library Board encourages library supporters to consider planned giving opportunities.
  • Donations of books and other materials are accepted at most Branch Library locations. All materials donated to FVRL are given to Friends of the Library groups or the Library Foundation for resale.
  • Memorial donations for books are accepted and follow the FVRL Collection Policy for selection.
  • Works of art may be donated to FVRL through the Library Foundation. See the Gifts of Art Policy for more information.

Donor Plaques and Other Signage

  • The Library Foundation will provide plaques to acknowledge significant donations from the Friends to the libraries.
  • The Library Foundation and Friends will provide plaques to acknowledge significant donations to the Friends or the Library Foundation.
  • FVRL will provide plaques to acknowledge significant donations made directly to FVRL.
  • Depending on the size of the project and the significance of the gift, the donor signage may be as part of a larger donor wall, an individual sign or both.

Gifts to the Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library groups operate under the umbrella of the Library Foundation and operate under the Foundation’s 501(c)(3) status. Their focus is to provide volunteer and grass-roots fundraising efforts that benefit their local libraries.

Gifts for the Benefit of a Specific Library Location

Donors occasionally want to give a donation to a specific branch library location or for a specific purpose. These gifts are considered as being for the benefit of the library and the donor may choose to restrict the donation for a specific purpose or may allow the funds to be used as FVRL sees fit. The Library Foundation will work in concert with FVRL to ensure that restricted gifts made for the benefit of a library are for agreed-upon purposes and meet the needs of FVRL, its services and mission.

Naming Opportunities

The Library Board authorizes the Library Foundation to recognize a major donation through a naming opportunity. Naming opportunities and donor recognition will be based on a variety of factors, such as construction, equipment or collection costs and the size of the donation. At each new or remodeled branch library, a limited number of honoring opportunities can may be made available upon request. These might include the children’s area, the adult reading area, the meeting room (if one exists) and other functional space such as a study room or quiet room. FVRL will determine the amount and scope of these opportunities.

When a gift or pledge is made to the Foundation that conforms to the Gifts and Recognition Policy agreed upon by the Library Board and the Foundation, the Foundation shall notify the FVRL Library Board of Trustees (through the Executive Director) of the potential naming of the designated space. The Library Board reserves the right to accept or reject naming proposals.

Right to Reject Gifts

Both FVRL and the Library Foundation reserve the right to reject the offer of a gift when either organization determines that it is not in its best interest to accept it.

This policy combines the previous Gifts Acceptance Policy and Naming and Recognition Policy.

Gift Acceptance Policy:
Original policy Board approved: August 16, 1979
Revised: September 10, 2001
Revised: September 9, 2002
Revised: February 8, 2010

Naming and Recognition Policy:
Original Policy approved March 14, 2005
Revised: April 11, 2006

Renamed and revised: December 17, 2018