Book Beat: Japanese American Incarceration

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On a vacation to Death Valley National Park one Spring Break, my family and I made a visit to Manzanar National Historic Site. Manzanar was one of ten War Relocation Centers, where 122,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry, the majority of whom were United States citizens, were incarcerated in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack. Executive Order 9066, signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, allowed civilians to be excluded from military areas. Army General John DeWitt soon issued Public Proclamation 4, which ordered the evacuation and detention of Japanese Americans from the military area encompassing the western United States with 48 hours notice.

I knew the history, but until that day at Manzanar I didn’t truly feel the emotion. The wind was strong, painfully cold, and blowing sand along with it. I could imagine I heard cheering from the baseball fields where the detainees played to retain some normalcy and community, trickling from the streams of the gardens built to beautify the stark landscape, and mourning from the cemetery for the 145 people who didn’t survive until the war was over. It was injustice, tragedy, and resilience all on display in one small chunk of desert.

If you have a chance to visit, it’s a powerful experience. In the meantime, here are some books about life as an incarcerated Japanese American during World War II.

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and there are so many stories of the challenges faced and contributions made by Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Other Pacific Islanders. Find additional books and resources here.

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A version of this column first appeared in The Messenger, May 2023.

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