How do I send library eBooks to my Kindle or Kindle app?

FVRL offers Kindle format eBooks through OverDrive. Here's how to send them to your Kindle or Kindle app.

Find an eBook that's available in Kindle format.

Most of OverDrive's eBooks are available in Kindle format. Here's how to find them if you're using:

  • The FVRL catalog: Once you've searched for something you're interested in, click the "eBooks & eAudio" tab. Then find the "eFormat" filter in the left column and select "Kindle" to see only Kindle titles.
  • The FVRL catalog app: Before you search, set the "Search in" filter to "eBooks & eAudio." You can't narrow the results down to only Kindle format, but when you borrow a title, you'll see if "Borrow Now - Kindle" is an option.
  • The Libby app (or Search for something you're interested in, then select Refine > Supports > Kindle to see only Kindle titles. To always display Kindle titles only, tap Preferences > Supports > Kindle.  NOTE: if you have a newer Kindle Fire, you can use the Libby app to borrow and read/listen to your books, with no need to choose Kindle format or route anything through an Amazon account.
  • The OverDrive website: Search for something you're interested in, then use the "eBooks" filter to select "Kindle" to see only Kindle titles. To browse through all the Kindle titles, select "Kindle books" in the header. And to always display Kindle titles only, go to My Account > Settings and pick Kindle.

Why aren't all titles available in Kindle format?

Because Kindle format belongs to Amazon, and it's up to them to make Kindle files available. Though this usually happens, it's not 100%.

The good news is that we can always ask OverDrive to request the Kindle file from Amazon. This often works, but not always. If you run across a title not available in Kindle format, let us know, and we'll pass the request on to OverDrive.

In the meantime, your options depend on what type of device(s) you have for reading eBooks. If you have only a Kindle eReader, there isn't much you can do besides wait. But if you have a smartphone, tablet, computer, or newer Kindle Fire, etc., see "Here's what to do if you pick the wrong format" below to find ways to read other formats.

Borrow a Kindle title.

After you pick a title, select "Borrow." Then choose the format: "Kindle" or "Read now with Kindle" or "Read with Kindle."

Here's what to do if you pick the wrong format.

Finish borrowing on the Amazon website.

After you select Kindle format, you'll be sent to the Amazon website.

  • If you're signed into your Amazon account, verify which device the book will go to and select "Get library book." (You'll need internet connection to download the book.)
  • If you're not signed in to your Amazon account, select "Get library book," sign in, and then pick your device.
  • All your checked-out Kindle titles are listed in your Amazon account along with purchased Kindle titles. You'll find them under "Manage your content and devices," with "Borrowed" after the title.

Once the library book is delivered to your Kindle, you read it just like any other Kindle title.

How can I send a Kindle book to another device?

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account under "Manage your content and devices."
  2. Select the title.
  3. Select the "Deliver" button at the top of the list.
  4. Pick the device you want, and select "Deliver."

Renew a Kindle title.

Basically, you renew the title in your app or on the OverDrive website, then remove the title from your Amazon account, then re-download it. For more detailed instructions, "How to renew Kindle books from your library" on OverDrive's help site.

Return a Kindle title.

Kindle titles return automatically at the end of your checkout period, like other eBooks.

Can I return a Kindle title early?


  1. Go to "Manage your content and devices" on Amazon and sign in if you aren't already.
  2. Find the book you want to return. It'll be in the list of all your Kindle titles, both purchased and library checkouts, and will say "Borrowed" after the title.
  3. Select the little box with three dots, to the left of the title.
  4. Select "Return this book."

Can I see a list of my former Kindle checkouts?

Yes! Previously checked-out titles are still in your Amazon account under "Manage your content and devices," only they now say "Borrow expired" after the title.

But if you want, you can remove the title completely from your list by selecting the item and picking "Delete" from the top of the list.

Still having issues? You can Get Help Using FVRL's Online Resources, or try the OverDrive Help site or the Libby Help site.