Can I send a fax at the library?

Many FVRLibraries locations have fax machines*. Sending a fax is free. To locate a fax machine during your visit or get assistance using it, please ask staff. To send a fax, please follow these steps:

  1. Press the power button to turn on the fax machine
  2. Place your document, text facing up, in the feeder (or an item on the glass, facing down)
  3. On the touchscreen, tap the Fax icon and the To: box
  4. Using the touchscreen or buttons, type in the fax number (if using the glass, follow the screen prompts to finish scanning)
  5. Tap Send on the touchscreen or press the green triangle button
  6. Wait for the confirmation sheet to print and check the Status field for “OK”
  7. Confirm with your receiver that they have received and can read the fax


*Please note: North Bonneville, Stevenson, and White Salmon Valley do not yet have fax machines for public use.