Exploring Native American Heritage

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Discover titles for all ages, fiction and nonfiction, in this list of books with Native authors or characters. Click the "Check Availability" link to find them in the FVRL catalog.
Britannica Library Reference Center
Take a look at the content overview for Native North Americans or do a search on a specific person or tribe of interest.
Start at the topic overview on this list of articles with the subject Native Americans, peruse the articles about Navajo Code Talkers, or do a search of your own for a specific person, place, or tribe.
Gale eBooks
Take a look at one of the Native American topics in Gale Ebooks and read on.
Mango Languages
Log in (or create a free account) in Mango and take some time to learn a little Cherokee or Potawatomi.
National Geographic Virtual Library
Search for a specific native tribe or person, or browse the articles and map results for Native North Americans.
Religion and Philosophy (Gale OneFile)
Skim through several full-text articles about indigenous North Americans, or do a search of your own on a more specific tribe or topic.
World Book Discover
Read the topic overview on Native Americans and and click through to find articles on many specific tribes. There are also many images and maps.