How do I renew physical checkouts?

FVRL will automatically renew items, or you can renew them yourself, unless there's a reason why the items can't be renewed.

Automatic renewal

On the item due date, we'll automatically renew your eligible physical checkouts.

If there is an email address in your account:

  • We'll email you a notice with the new due date.
  • OR, if an item can't be renewed, you'll receive an email notice letting you know you need to return the item.

If there isn't an email address in your account, you'll need to log in to your account online to see which items were renewed or need to be returned.

Here's how to add an email address to your account.

Renew items yourself

You can also try to renew items yourself any time. The new checkout period starts the day you renew—not at the end of the original checkout period.

  • Use the FVRL catalog: Log in, go to "My Account," pick "Checkouts," then "Library Checkouts." Check the box next to the title(s) you want to renew (on a mobile device, tap the three vertical dots), and select "Renew," then "Yes" to confirm.
  • Contact us by phone or "Question or comment" form. We're happy to renew for you!
  • Visit a library during staffed open hours and ask staff for help.
  • Call our automated renewal system 24/7:
    • 360-750-9999
    • 800-750-9876 from area code 509

Why won't my items renew?

Sometimes we can't renew your items. Here are some reasons why:

  • Someone else has them on hold.
  • You're already renewed the items the maximum number of times.
  • You have "Lucky Day" items or other items which can't be renewed.
  • You have Interlibrary Loan items, which have their own renewal process.
  • Your items have been overdue for more than 28 days, and you've been billed for them. You need to return them to the library first to remove the bill from your account, then check them out again (if no one else has a hold on them).
  • Your account has other issues.

Still have questions? Please contact us!