How do I update my account number in Libby?

If you encounter an error with your library account in the Libby app, and your account isn't expired, delete the existing number and add your current number.

Delete an account

  1. Open the Libby app, then tap the Menu icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap "1 card +" (the number may be different if you have more than one card in the app).
  3. Find your old card and tap "Actions" (on the card).
  4. Tap "Remove Card" and confirm.

Add an account

  1. Follow steps one and two above.
  2. Tap "Add Another Card."
  3. Tap "Enter Library Account Details."
  4. Enter your card number and tap "Next."
  5. Enter your PIN and tap "Sign In."
  6. You can rename your account number if you want, or just tap "Next."
  7. Tap "Hide" in the upper right-hand corner to return to the main part of the app.

Still having issues? You can Get Help Using FVRL's Online Resources, or try the OverDrive Help site or the Libby Help site.