What if I have more questions about curbside holds pickup?

You can find basic information about FVRL's curbside service on our Library Services webpage, but if you have more questions, read on!

Why aren't I receiving my hold notices?

To make sure we have your correct contact information, please update your account online with a current email address or sign up for text messages, as these are the preferred methods of hold notifications at this time.

Do I need my library card?

You must have an FVRL library card to place holds, and you'll need your card number handy for curbside pickup. 

What should I do if my card is not working or expired?

If you can't place holds because your card has expired or isn’t working, Contact Us by phone or online and we’ll be glad to help you solve the issue. (Find more information about cards that don't work.) Please note: if you have moved and/or changed your number in the last two years, let us know so that we can update your information.

What if I don’t drive, will be walking or biking to the library, or don’t have a cell phone in order to call when I arrive?

Walk-ups or bike-ups are fine - just call the number on the signs when you arrive.

If you don't have a cell phone, please contact us to make an appointment before you come to the library, so we'll know when to meet you.

Can I pick up holds at the Mall Library?

Yes, but you'll need to go inside the branch. There's no curbside service at Vancouver Mall Library.

Can I pick up for multiple accounts?

Yes, if the items are all available to be picked up at the same location, please let us know the details when you call and you can pick them up at once.

How do I cancel my holds?

You can cancel your holds by logging into your account or by contacting us.

How long can I keep the library materials?

Most library materials are due in three weeks from the date of checked out. If no other patrons have requested the items, they will be renewed automatically up to 11 times. For exceptions, see How many physical items can I check out, and for how long?

Can you look for specific items or provide reading suggestions?

Yes, please contact us by phone or online to request a Library Sampler bag, a Personalized Reading Suggestions List, or to ask for help finding specific titles.

Do you offer a Books by Mail service?

Yes. For details, please see our Books by Mail page.

For all other curbside pickup questions, please contact us.