Book Beat: Women in History

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March is Women’s History Month and it always prompts me to think about the many roles women have played in our history in the United States. I dabble in genealogy and it isn’t very far back in my family tree that the women didn’t even have the right to vote. What changes some of those grandmothers saw in their lifetimes!

Often the accomplishments of women of past generations haven’t gotten much attention, as when the male population were fighting battles and the women were quietly keeping farms or factories running in the absence of fathers, husbands, and brothers. Sometimes, women were getting a lot of attention because some of them were asking for new rights, like to vote, and it wasn’t popular at the time. Many notable women were members of additional marginalized groups who were fighting battles on multiple fronts, like the brave women of the civil rights movement.

Here is a sampling of books about women who stepped up for America and for the generations who came after them:

Of course there are many more women, famous and not, who contributed to the American story. We can help you find additional books. We’re here to help!

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A version of this column first appeared in The Messenger, March 2023.

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