Displays and Exhibits Policy

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Displays and exhibits at the library are intended primarily for promotion of Fort Vancouver Regional Library District (FVRL) services and activities. However, consistent with FVRL’s role as a community information source and cultural center, these areas may be used by community organizations, artists and individuals on a space-available basis. Library displays and exhibits are used to assist patrons in their exploration of educational, cultural, intellectual and civic activities.

Displays and exhibits

Library exhibits incorporate library materials whenever possible, as a means of informing users of the range of library resources and services. FVRL endeavors to offer exhibits of diverse subject matter for children, adults, and families.

FVRL reserves the right to arrange exhibits in all library facilities and to make the final decision regarding content and physical presentation of all exhibits and displays.

FVRL encourages displays and exhibits of collections, art work, photography, or other articles subject to the following conditions:

  1. FVRL assumes no legal or financial responsibility for loss or damage to items loaned for display or exhibit unless other arrangements have been made.
  2. Exhibited art that is for sale may have the price and artist’s contact information displayed. No exchange of money can be conducted in the library.
  3. Items may be refused for display if, in the judgment of FVRL, they would detract from the appearance of the facility, are poorly executed, or may violate any applicable provisions of law.
  4. The physical characteristics of the display or exhibit will not interfere with normal library operations.
  5. Artwork may be displayed in an unlocked or unattended room or area of the library and FVRL does not assume any responsibility for lost or damaged items.
  6. Start and end dates for all displays and exhibits will be strictly adhered to by exhibitors. Failure to collect display or exhibit materials after the end date may result in a loss of display/exhibit opportunities in the future.
  7. FVRL retains the right to refuse any exhibit/display items that it deems inappropriate for display in a public library.
  8. Approval of items for display or exhibit does not constitute or imply FVRL endorsement of the organization submitting the item(s) or its content.


This policy applies to all exhibits created and/or offered by Library staff. The Executive Director, or designee, is responsible for the implementation and administration of this policy.

Policy history

  • Approved: 08/15/16; renamed from Bulletin Boards, Displays and Exhibits Policy
  • Amended: 3/18/2024; renamed from Display and Exhibits Policy to Displays and Exhibits Policy