Public Bulletin Boards Policy

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Library bulletin boards, display and exhibit areas are intended primarily for promotion of Fort Vancouver Regional Library District (FVRL) services and activities. However, consistent with FVRL’s role as a community information source, these areas may be used by community organizations and individuals on a space-available basis.

Approval of items for posting, display, or exhibit does not constitute or imply FVRL endorsement of the organization submitting the item(s) or its content.

Bulletin Boards

Library bulletin boards will be used to display information about FVRL and FVRL- sponsored programs. Bulletin boards will also be made available to the public on a space-available basis.

Items will be approved for posting under the following conditions:

  1. The space will be available to organizations and individuals engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual and charitable activities. When space allows, other types of information related to the community served by the library may be displayed.
  2. To ensure equitable access for the entire community, FVRL may establish criteria regarding the size, duration of display, frequency, and appropriateness of the material.
  3. Political information may be placed in a separate literature distribution area designated by the library, not on a library bulletin board.

The FVRL Executive Director is responsible for establishing administrative procedures necessary to carry out this policy.

Adopted: 5/6/1991; Public Use of Meeting Rooms
Revised: 6/11/1992
Revised: renamed Public Use of Exhibit Spaces 2/10/2003
Revised: 6/14/2004
Revised: renamed Public Bulletin Boards, Displays and Exhibit Areas 12/12/2011
Revised: 08/15/16; renamed Public Bulletin Board Policy