Library Internet Use and Safety Policy

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The Fort Vancouver Regional Library District (FVRL) provides free access to the Internet for our patrons through library computers as well as wireless access through patron-owned devices. This policy sets the requirements and expectations for such use by library patrons of all ages.


FVRL is committed to offering open access to the Internet, to supporting the right to privacy and confidentiality of customers, and to following the provisions of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). However, the Internet is a decentralized, unmoderated global network; FVRL has no control over the content found there and is not responsible for the availability and accuracy of information found on the Internet. Internet access provided by FVRL uses filtering software to block sexually explicit images and proxies/anonymizers, torrent file downloads, and other "suspicious" websites.

Internet Safety for Minors

FVRL’s Internet access is filtered on all library public computers and Wi-Fi service to block access to material that may be considered offensive. Parents, guardians, and caregivers are in charge of what their own minor children read, view, or listen to in the library as well as online. Families should discuss together Internet use, Internet safety, and sharing personal information online.

User Responsibilities

Patrons recognize that their use of the Internet on library premises is conducted in a public place shared by many and acknowledge that the Library District cannot protect the privacy of data that is transmitted to parties via the Internet.

Library patrons shall comply with all federal, state, and local laws. The following behaviors are prohibited while using FVRL electronic resources or services:

  1. Use FVRL’s Internet access to view, print, distribute, display, send, or receive images or graphics of obscene materials as defined by law or material that violates laws relating to child pornography;
  2. Disseminate, exhibit, or display to minors materials that are harmful to minors as defined by law;
  3. Engage in threatening or harassing behavior including on social media sites.
  4. Interfere with others' use of computers or electronic resources.
  5. Access, disseminate, download, or print information in violation of copyright laws.
  6. Destroy, damage, or deface library facilities, materials, equipment, or software, or use them in a manner to bypass security, cause injury, or interrupt services.
  7. Falsification of one’s age to gain access to Internet sites.
  8. Gain unauthorized access to any computing, information, or communications devices or resources.
  9. Damage, alter, or degrade computer equipment, peripherals, software, or configurations.

FVRL is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from the use of the Internet services. Library staff will not track the use of the Internet in any way other than as directed by the Confidentiality of Patron and Circulation Records Policy.

Internet users may request access to a particular site that they feel has been inappropriately blocked. Decisions about whether to unblock a site will be in accordance with district guidelines.

Protection of Personal Information

Commercial or personal functions such as credit card purchases, stock trades, bank transactions, or accessing remote personal or business systems are to be conducted at the user’s own risk. The Library's public network environment is open to all users, thus there is a possibility of interception of information or illegal access by malicious users or software. FVRL assumes no responsibility for damage or theft that occurs while using the library’s electronic resources.


The Executive Director is responsible for the administration of this policy, for establishing administrative procedures for its implementation, and for making the policy available for the public at each branch and via the FVRL’s website.


The Board of Trustees hereby declares its intention that the provisions of this policy are declared to be separate and severable. The invalidity of any clause, sentence, paragraph, subdivision, section, chapter, title, or other portion of this policy, or the invalidity of the application thereof to any person or circumstance, shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the policy, or the validity of its application to other persons or circumstances.


The Board of Trustees hereby declares its intention that the provisions of this policy shall be construed and applied as a continuation of the provisions of the policy, as amended, insofar as applicable, and the repeal of any part of this policy shall not be construed as affecting such continuous application.


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Board approval: October 16, 2017, replaces Electronic Information Access Policy, amended and renamed Internet Use and Safety Policy, July 17, 2023