Front of Yale School
Front of Yale School

Yale Library Express

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Yale Elementary School
11842 Lewis River Road
Ariel, WA 98603

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Jennifer Hauan

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2017 Service statistics

Circulation: 2,599
Visitors: 1,191
Programs offered: 1
Program attendance: 65
Reference questions: 195


In May 2003, citizens in the Yale precinct of Cowlitz County successfully voted to form a partial-county, rural library district. Yale Valley Library District contracts with Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries for services, which included bookmobile visits until the Clark County bookmobile was retired in June 2012. Weekly, limited library services at Yale Library Express, located at Yale Elementary School, were established in August 2012, and in 2018, ground was broken for a new, permanent library building. Find out more by clicking the Yale Valley Library District button below.

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